Becoming A Software Developer

Hello my gorgeous readers,😊😊😊, Its time again, to share my journey through TIIDELab. (Kindly read my previous article on this). Another month has gone by in my quest to be a well sought after developer.

The second month in TIIDELab was filled with a lot of activities, from learning JavaScript, to learning how to use figma on my own, to having a lot of sleepless nights, so as to be able to make a weekly presentation of the business and technical aspect of our project (MEDITECH: A Hospital Management System) to the council of elders, this is like a mock presentation for investors that might be interested in our project.

Our Hospital Management System Logo

My team and I took it upon ourselves to learn how to use figma, so as to be able to design our UI, we have collectively designed nothing less that 10 pages for our product, ranging from the landing page, sign in and sign up page, dashboards for different actors (users), and appointment pages. Meditech is a hospital management system that is going to be focusing on helping pregnant women and nursing mothers book appointments.

A lot of research has been put into this project, and it has actually helped a lot to see things from the point of view of our targeted audience. Along with the creation of the UI is the implementation, we did this with HTML CSS and JavaScript, although it will be converted eventually once we start learning React.

Asides project research and implementation, we started learning JavaScript, this is taught by Mr. Ibrahim Lukman, the Chief Technical Officer of KSolutions limited, and also a great tutor. Click here, to check him out.

Learning JavaScript from the point of view of Mr. Ibrahim has been very eye opening. from loops to datatypes to regular expressions, to arrays, manipulating the DOM, and learning how to get and set items in the local storage. JavaScript learning is still ongoing, and I hope to learn more as we continue the lessons.

Moving away from these technical aspects, there is also the Friday meetups, where we learn non technical skills, Mr. Shamsudeen Aderoju, our program coordinator, Click here, to check him out. He takes out time to teach and help understand concepts like Decision making, using the PROACT (Problem, Objectives, Alternatives, Consequences, and Trade-off) method, and also Design thinking, where we create an empathy map, of the user’s feelings, what the user is saying, their thoughts, and finally what they are doing. There is also the need of creating a user persona, in order to adequately capture the data of the user, to separate their needs from wants.

Design Thinking Class

The Friday meet-up is also filled with various activities like the wager task, where we are tested on creativity, teamwork, presentation skill and so many other soft skill and the winner gets paid. I'm proud to say that my team has won all the wager tasks consecutively, except one and it really brought out my competitive side 😂. Then there is also the Head of House task, the winner becomes the head of house for the week

Mr. Albert Kure, the West African Partnership Lead at Thought For Food, also addressed us on “Transforming food systems, through technology and innovation”, and how to create specific, significant and sustainable solutions, to existing problems

Finally, the founder and former CEO of Tech Specialist, Mr. Kadir Salami Click here to check him out addressed us on different ways to become “Forever employable”, it was insightful, and he was presented with a small token of appreciation

All in all, I'll like to appreciate TIIDELab and their sponsors NECA and ITF for this wonderful opportunity.

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Shodunke Omotolani

Shodunke Omotolani


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